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Waterbury Digital Photo Archive

Historic Waterbury: A Pictorial Overview

The pictures presented here document projects and properties that the Waterbury Parks Department oversaw primarily during the first half of the 20th century. Some pictures document phases of projects from start to finish, others show parks in use, and others are of park department staff.

The files are grouped by park and are loosely arranged within those files by topic and then date. Arrangement was somewhat arbitrary with the viewing public in mind and not as the pictures would have been used by the parks department itself. The quality of the images vary, but overall the collection shows an interesting slice of Waterbury’s history as it grew and developed during this period.

Respective file names for each of the pictures appear at the end of the parks files and with some effort these can be matched to the pictures. This may be useful in as much as most of the names include a date and on occasion other information as well.  

Listing of Waterbury Parks

Bunker Hill Playground

Chase Park

City Mills Lane Playground

East Mountain Golf Course

Fulton Park

Hamilton Park

Hayden Park

Hungtington Avenue

Lakewood avenue