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About Us

Mission Statement
The Silas Bronson Library provides free public access in order to foster ideas, to promote education, to disseminate general information and to make a positive contribution to the cultural heritage of Waterbury and its environs, serving as the focal point for the enrichment of the community.

Contact Us
Silas Bronson Library
267 Grand St.
Waterbury, CT 06702

Administration Office (203) 574-8222
Fax (203) 574-8055
Adult and Information Services (AIS) (203) 574-8225
Circulation (Circ) (203) 574-8206
Children's Services Division (CSD) (203) 574-8213
Bunker Hill Branch (203) 574-8240
TTY/TDD (203) 574-8222

Library Administrative Staff

Raechel Guest, Director
(203) 574-8222

Gary Bach, Circulation Services 
(203) 574-8248

Clivel Charlton, Youth Services 
(203) 574-8213

Clivel Charlton, Adult and Information Services 
(203) 574-8206

Margaret Keating, Bunker Hill Branch Manager
(203) 574-8240

Michael Tierney, Mobile Branch Manager 
(203) 574-8206

Christine Rinaldi, Cataloging Services 
(203) 574-8218


Accessibility for Patrons with Disabilities


Get involved!

That's our message. The Silas Bronson Library encourages patrons with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities to participate actively, both as avid readers and enthusiastic attendees at library programs. We have many different types of assistive devices that can make it easier for you or others you know to use the library.

Blindness or visual impairment
The following types of equipment and services are available for blind or visually-impaired library patrons The equipment is available on a self-service basis. Please feel free to ask any of the staff for assistance if you need help operating the equipment.

Print Resources


  • Large Print books (Main Reading Room)


  • Library newsletter "Books and Happenings" available in large print (Main Reading Room)


  • "Reader's Digest" magazine available in large print (Main Reading Room - with the large print book collection)


  • Audio books (East Wing and Children's Department)


  • Signs in both print and braille

Living with Low Vision
The following types of equipment and services are available for deaf or hearing-impaired library patrons:

  • Text telephone reference service - call (203) 574-8226.



  • Closed caption videos and DVDs - interfiled with other audiovisual material
  • Hand-held magnifier (Main Reading Room - Information Desk)
  • Several computer work stations with large print and/or speech output capability - ZoomText, MAGIC, JAWS (East Wing)


  • Scanner that can magnify print  

Contact information:
ADA Coordinator: Dana Lucisano, Reference Librarian (203) 574-8230