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48th Annual Children's Poetry Contest
Submissions Open: January 3, 2023
Submissions Close: March 16, 2023

The Poetry Contest is open to all Waterbury students in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. 

All poems MUST be the original work of the individual child. Only one poem per child is judged.

Please use the themes assigned to your grade. See below for themes. 

ONLY the title and the poem should be on the front side of the page. Please use standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper for the poetry submissions. Illustrations are not necessary for the poems.

Physical poems must have a registration form attached to the BACK of the poem. Registration forms can be downloaded here, or picked up at the library.

Individual entries may be submitted as an email attachment with required information in the body of the email to bronsonkids@waterburyct.org instead of a physical poem.

Poems cannot be returned. Please keep a copy for your records. Winning poems may be published or used on social media. Media releases will be available

Any poem submitted in a foreign language must be accompanied by the English translation. Judging will be based on the translated version of the poem. 

Students who win may be asked to volunteer to read their poem during the Awards Ceremony.

Click here to download the Poetry Contest Registration Form

Poem Topics by Grade

Grades K-3

1. Animals

2. My Favorite Thing

3. Who Are Your Superheroes?   

Grades 4-6

1. Spooky, Scary Things

2. My Mad Scientist Invention    

3. What's Your Ideal World?

Grades 7-8

1. Make a Haiku

2. Social Media: Hero or Zero?

3. What Empowers You to Be Fierce?


Congratulations to the 47th Annual Poetry Contest Winners:


Honorable Mention

Arabella A. – Kindergarten
Aliyah D. – Grade 1
A’mia D. – Grade 2
Alessandra M. – Grade 3
Aryanna L. – Grade 4
Nia W. – Grade 5
Amyr H. – Grade 6
Ashleyann L. – Grade 7
Ryan E. – Grade 8

First Place

Quintin D. – Kindergarten
Aiden M. – Grade 1
Aliyah W. – Grade 2
Guiliana B. – Grade 3
Amarylis R. – Grade 4
Raeille P. – Grade 5
Loureanne C. – Grade 6
Aliza C. – Grade 7
Erika R. – Grade 8