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Reading Suggestions

  • YALSA - Links to several reading lists from the Young Adult Library Services division of the American Library Association. 

Teen & Young Adult Readers and the Silas Bronson Library

WHO?  Teens who are in grades 8 and up. Young Adults up to age 23.

WHAT?  The Library is continually buying books for Teens and Young Adults.  They can be distinguished from other books by the orange "YA" sticker on the spine.  

WHERE? The fiction books for teens and young adults are located on the first floor in the Teen Zone.

WHEN?  Make reading for pleasure a part of each day, even if you have to sandwich in a few minutes here and there

WHY?  The answer to this question depends on you.  Are you the type who would rather read factual material?  Lots of people prefer non-fiction and not just for homework assignments.  It's a way of learning about the world.  Would you rather read stories?  What kind interest you?  Do you look for stories with believable characters that you can relate to?  Do you like a good mystery?  Perhaps you would rather read something set long ago, maybe in Colonial America?

HOW?  Talk to the Teen/Young Adult Librarian about the kinds of things you like to read.  We can help match you up with books that you will enjoy.