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Silas Bronson Library's Waterbury Hall of Fame

Silas Bronson Library’s Waterbury Hall of Fame is comprised of Waterbury natives and residents who have made a significant impact on the history of Waterbury or who have achieved recognition for their accomplishments throughout the city, state, country or world.

The mission of the Hall of Fame is to honor these notable Waterburians, to educate the public about Waterbury’s rich past and present, to promote interest in Waterbury history and the local history resources of the Silas Bronson Library and other city institutions and, through the nomination process, to increase the library’s historical information about the city.

Hall of Fame members are elected annually by a nine-member committee appointed by the library Board of Agents.

Nominations are submitted by the general public as well as committee members. Candidates include – but are not limited to - civic, cultural, government and religious leaders, artists, writers, educators, historians, war heroes, industrialists, business and professional people, and sports figures. The emphasis is on diversity.

The Hall of Fame was initiated by reference librarian Michael DeLeo, who died in December, 2001. While compiling the third edition of "The Waterbury Fact Book", a library publication of historical information on the city, Mr. DeLeo was impressed by the significant accomplishments of a considerable number of Waterburians. Although their achievements were often recognized throughout the state, nation and the world, they were frequently unknown and unsung locally. Mr. DeLeo’s proposal that these noteworthy individuals should be acknowledged publicly, prominently and permanently in a Waterbury Hall of Fame was adopted by the library Board of Agents in March, 1996.


Watch the 2016 Induction Ceremony (Online at Vimeo)

Watch the 2017 Induction Ceremony (Online at Vimeo)

Watch the 2018 Induction Ceremony (Online at Vimeo)


Please note that the Waterbury Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony will not be held in 2019. 


Nomination Form


Mary Merriman Abbott
Leila Plummer Alexander
Joseph Anderson
Nicholas P. Augelli

Paul Wayland Bartlett
Peter Bauby
Aaron Benedict
Philip V. Benevento
William E. Benson, M.D.
Edward D. Bergin, Jr.
George Edwin Bissell
Sando Bologna
Cicero B. Booker, Sr.
The Brass Worker
Dr. Joseph J. Breen
William Henry Bristol
Henry Bronson M.D.
Silas Bronson
Daniel A. A. Buck
Sandra E. Burke, Ph.D.

Robert A. Cairns
Hayden Carruth
Augustus Sabin Chase
Edith Morton Chase
Henry Sabin Chase
Lucia Chase
Col. John L. Chatfield
Roger Connor
LT. Thomas Michael Conway, CHC USN
Bob Crane
James Croft

Louis R. D'Abramo, Ph.D.
Semina DeLaurentis
Michael J. DeLeo
Mario DiCecco
John Driscoll

Arthur Harris Fenn
Stan Freeman

John William Gaffney
Robert Gallo
Mario Generali
James F. Gill
Robert D. Glass, J. D.
Ryan Gomes
The Goss Family
John Baptist Greco
Wilfred Griggs

Robert Haddad
George Harlamon
Charles H. Harrub 
Barbara Hatcher, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.N., FAAN
Hiram Hayden
Robert Wakeman Hill
David Hoadley
Frank Hogan
Israel Holmes
Lemuel Hopkins 
Samuel Hopkins

Eugene L. Jacques
Joan Joyce
Sturges Morehouse Judd

Jacob Kainen 
Lucy Templeton Kellogg
Stephen Wright Kellogg
Green Kendrick
Frederick Kingsbury

Frederick LaBreque, M.D.
Gerald A. Lamb
Mark Leavenworth
Annie Leibovitz
Harold Leever
Joakim Lehmkuhl
Rev. John N. Lewis
Theodore R. Lovelace, M.D.

Cornelius & "Neil" Maloney
J. Farrell MacDonald
George Marinko
Richard Mastracchio
Mattatuck Drum Band
Winifred Weis McDonald
Venerable Michael McGivney
Eli Josiah Manville
Dylan McDermott
Chief Two Moon Meridas
Robert J. Mobilio
John S. Monagan  

Native Tribes
Captain Edwin Neville
Louis Nichole

William P. (Hank) O'Donnell
Thomas Olsen
Susan Cecelia O'Neill

Ralph, Morris & Hank Paine
Donna Palomba
William J. Pape
Dan Parker
Saralie Bisnovich Pennington
Harold G. Pierpont
Jimmy Piersall
Alfred Platt
Peter Poskas
Derek Anthony Poundstone 
Peter Provonost, M.D. Ph.D., FCCM
Timothy Porter
Post Family
Sarah Prichard

Sheryl Lee Ralph
Rev. Jonathan Reed
Howard F. Reichenbach
John Rowland
Rosalind Russell

James & William Scovill
Martin Scully
Tadeusz Sendzimir
Lawrence Shea, D.D.S.
John Sirica
The Rt. Rev. Msgr. William J. Slocum
Harold Webster Smith
James C. Smith
John Southmayd
Joseph Stein
Morris Stein
John Miles Stocking

Terry Anthony Tata
Charles Augustus Templeton
George Tirado 
The Traurig Family
John Trumbull

J. Warren Upson

The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Joseph Valdambrini
Anthony P. Vastola, M.D.
Adriano Seabra Veiga, M.D.
Francis T. "Fay" Vincent

Ralph Thomas Walker
David W. Wallace
Anna Lydia Ward
Carrie Welton
Hobart Victory Welton
Nelson J. Welton
Katherine "Kay" Wyrick